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Nonna Ter-Avanesova


Nonna Ter-Avanesova. People usually don't like their jobs. I do, because my job is to play the piano. I started my piano experiments when I was 5. I am much older now, and my childish curiosity about the piano has turned into a love of playing, and this love is what I am doing for a living. What's more, my fingers don't have a Russian "accent" like my language. My English-language was recognized - in 2009 I was invited to join the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. My membership in this society has lasted eight years. But in order to preserve my Russian, I hosted several shows and events and received a Certificate of Appreciation from the West Hollywood City Council in recognition of outstanding performance in the Russian Style Festival in 2013. Now I am among children, working as an accompanist in PDT's Conservatory. And when my dancers are smiling while I am playing music from the Nutcracker, I understand that art is universal -Nutcracker bridges all differences between my two countries. And this is amazing!

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