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Mark Litver


Mark Litver attended the State College of Arts in Krasnoyarsk, Russia,and received a bachelor of arts degree in piano. In 1984, he attended the State Conservatory in Tashkent, Russia, earning a master's degree in piano and music. As a student of the conservatory, he began working as a concert pianist with the State Philharmonic Orchestra and toured internationally with them to Germany and Poland as a soloist. Upon graduation, Mark began working with the State Theater of Opera and Ballet and the State School of Ballet as a pianist and piano instructor. During that period he was sent to the Theater of Opera and Ballet "Bolshoi" in Moscow for additional training. He moved to Los Angeles in 1995 and attended the Evans School of Languages, studying English and working as a pianist for the Lula Washington Dance Theater. He has been teaching piano at the Evergreen Music Conservatory in North Hollywood since 1996. Over the years, he has been an accompanist at Santa Monica College's Dance Department, California Arts Institute, UCLA's Department of \ Arts and Culture, Pomona College's Dance Department and California State University of Fullerton's Department of Theater and Dance. He has also worked with such ballet masters as Susan Jones (American Ballet Theater), Charles Maple (American Ballet Theater), Stanley Holden (Royal Ballet), Margaret Hills (Royal Ballet), Evelyn Cisneros (San Francisco Ballet), Finis Jhung (Ballet Techniques, New York), Yuri Grigoriev (Moscow Stanislavski Ballet) and Marat Dukaev (Kirov Ballet). In July 2014 Mark was accepted for the summer intensive program at the Paris Opera Ballet School. He has been with Pasadena Dance Theatre since 2004

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