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  • Why do you have a dress code?
    PDT's dress code is designed to assist teachers and students in observing proper alignment. All leotards and tops should be closely fitted to the body. Please see the dress code for a more detailed description.
  • How and when are students’ promoted? What are the qualifications for promotion?
    Requirements differ based on age, body alignment and strength as well as regular and dedicated class attendance. Students are reviewed annually. Students develop at different rates and at different times based on the individual body type and genetic structure. While every student is looked at individually, faculty also look at the class the student will be moving into. It is important that the student is able to meet the expectations of the class as they move up. Faculty will assess the student in all areas to be sure that the appropriate technical and artistic skills are well defined.
  • When are girls put on pointe?
    Going on pointe shoes for the first time is a very exciting time for your dancer! Pointe classes typically begin near the end of Basic 3 and the beginning of Tech 1. Students will receive a letter from the artistic director when it is determined that they are ready for pointe work. Feet and technique must be strong before students begin pointe as starting too early can cause injury or chronic problems. The letter will include specific instructions for fitting and purchasing. It is important not to proceed without this information. Pointe classes begin slowly with one class per week training only at the barre. Students must be able to lift out of the hips, hold straight legs on pointe and find proper balance before beginning any center work. With each increase in level, the hours of pointe work also increase, enabling students to develop proper dance habits before they do any performances on pointe in Tech 3. Students on pointe are required to take a minimum of two flat technique classes for every pointe class taken.
  • What are the performance opportunities for the students of the Conservatory?
    Our typical performance schedule includes: -Nutcracker upon audition for children's roles - all parts are auditioned and based on height and costume requirements. -Conservatory in Concert (Spring), -Annual Summer Program Showcase -Additional Company performances based on performance season (by invitation only) Performances require rehearsals outside of class time which generally take place on Saturdays and/or Sundays. No special classes or privates are required.
  • Are there any other opportunities?
    A student who wishes to participate/compete in Spotlight or YAGP, would need private coaching. Coaching fees are set by the faculty member with whom the student chooses to work. Fees are generally $75 - $150 per hour, plus a studio rental fee.
  • What is your Covid policy?
    We strive to follow he prevailing local guidelines to keep both our students and faculty safe. At this time, masks are required for any one not yet vaccinated, and optional for vaccinated individuals. Specific teachers may request that all students, regardless of vaccination status, wear a mask. We appreciate you helping us keep everyone safe!


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