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Students in our Conservatory enjoy the instruction of our renowned professional faculty who invest in the developing of each student. Our approach is based upon the careful and systematic development of proper alignment, placement and strength to provide a base upon which to build more complicated and challenging movement skills. The curriculum is based on sequential learning through progressive levels. Because the instruction builds upon prior experience and skills, it is important that students enroll for the full Conservatory year. New students may sign up at any time, but we ask that the student commit to training with PDT for the remainder of the year so that they will enjoy the full benefits of our comprehensive curriculum.


PDT's Elementary Division introduces the dancer to movement through creative play and the use of imagery. Through a series of simple, appropriate exercises utilizing skipping, syncopation, and imagination the students learn to take turns, gaining the confidence to move alone or in a group. Our Elementary Division begins at age 3 and is made up of Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet 1-2, and our all Boys class.

Beginning at approximately age 8, students can join the Pre-Professional division, which offer eight levels with progressively more challenging classes. Each level develops strong, technically skilled, and well-rounded young dancers through a comprehensive curriculum that offers them room to explore artistic interpretation, style, and musicality. These classes provide a rigorous training program for those working towards a professional or college dance career, and for those dedicated to the performing arts. 

Adult/Open classes are held four nights a week, and on Saturday mornings. Levels range from beginning to advanced. Unlike the other divisions, adults may pay by single class rate or a series of classes. Student dancers 13 years old and up are eligible to take part in adult classes.

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