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Pasadena Dance Theatre is an integral part of the local arts community where students and dance professionals explore, nurture, create and discover the blending of music and movement through both classical ballet and contemporary dance, culminating in innovative concerts and performances. We are a non-profit organization whose Mission is to support, foster and advance the art of dance through educational programs.

Since its premiere in 1996, PDT's professional company has taken many forms. Our dancers have inspired audiences through the transforming power of dance, producing high caliber performances that engage the mind and spirit. PDT commissions new works from classical, neo-classical, and contemporary ballet to post modern dance. We also offer our Conservatory dancers a chance to perform as trainees with the company, which gives them a chance to experience our professional repertoire. PDT is excited to reimagine its professional company under the new leadership of Artistic Directors Jean Michelle Sayeg and Eric Shah.

Honoring diversity, embodying inclusivity, and providing equality of opportunity are held principles within the pedagogy of our organization. As we experience and embrace the 21st century in an art form rooted in the 16th century, PDT is committed to expanding access to students from groups traditionally underrepresented in ballet. Anyone who holds the love of dance in their body of any color, shape, and size is welcomed at PDT, and encouraged to see themselves as a valuable component of ballet's future. Pasadena Dance Theatre is proud to balance and hold space for both the excellence and the discipline of ballet's roots with the acceptance and encouragement of all who dream to dance within it.

Your generous support funds the creation of new works, provides scholarships, and impacts generations through our educational programs. By making a donation today, you are helping to support PDT's artistic and educational initiatives that use dance to inspire, uplift, and unite people of all backgrounds. 

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